03 December 2014: WorkshopShedding Light On the Contributions of Muslim Scholars to Science and Technology. More than 35 participants attended the event in Carthage, Tunis.

10859614_10152591620147709_734725781_n P1020132 P1020163
Prof. Mourad ZGHAL Prof. Maria Luisa CALVO PADILLA
P10203201  P1020177 P1020198
Prof. Vasudevan Lakshinarayanan  Prof. Ahmadou WAGUE Prof. Charles M. FALCO
 P1020244  10834577_10152591620807709_230999451_o  P1020306
Prof. Zohra BEN LAKHDAR  Dr. Jean Paul Ngome Abiaga Round Table

01 December 2014: Visits of Prof. V. Lakshminarayanan “Vengu” from University of Waterloo, Canada, Prof. M. Calvo from Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, and Prof. Ahmadou Wague from University Cheikh Anta Diop Dakar Senegal to OPTSC.

10848844_10152586224892709_1839308876510873320_o  P1010992 P1020001

 P1020002  P1020003 P1020006

17 November 2014: Hands on activity in the secondary school of Bargou, Siliana, Tunisia. More than 40 students participated in the workshop.

IMG_3140 IMG_3179 IMG_3164
Rainbow glasses Happy & Unhappy balles
Rainbow Glasses
IMG_3130 IMG_3221 IMG_3232
Rainbow PeepHole Total internal reflection phenomenon WDM demonstration

19 – 23 October 2014: Invitation of the vice president Amira BAILI to attend the OSA Annual Meeting and Frontiers in Optics/Laser Science (FiO/LS) conference which were held at the JW Marriott Starpass in Tucson, AZ, USA.

 11  12  13
 15  14 16
 17  7

16 October 2014: Invitation of Dr. Z. Aziza BACCOUCHE, a blind Physicist and accomplished science television producer, to our engineering school Sup’Com where she gave a motivational presentation to engineer’s students and Grescom researchers, entitled “Seeking Vision”, which is designed to help change the general public’s perception and abilities of blind people. Dr.Z visited also the Grescom lab and assisted to the recruitment event for OPTSC, taking place at the entrance hall of Sup’Com.

 Aziza1  Aziza2  Aziza3
 Aziza4  Aziza5  Aziza6

16 October 2014: Organization of one day recruitment event to motivate students of SUPCOM about the importance of advancing optics in Tunisia, and encourage them to join the OPTSC Team. The event was held in the entrance hall of Sup’Com from 08:00 am to 10:15 am.

 R1  R2  R3
 R4  R5  R6

17-21 August 2014: Invitation of our SPIE representative (A. Trichilli) to SPIE Optics and Photonics conference which was held in San Diego, CA .

 10556306_10152247450517344_4149662277802982009_n  DSCN2525  DSCN2532
 DSCN2532  DSCN2517  DSCN2516

02-06 July 2014: Participation of Amira Baili in the International OSA Network of Students (IONS-15) Ankara, Turkey.

1556335_753959924646360_1644206848513572600_o. 10379906_754414294600923_7892642590214384336_o. 10531429_753958861313133_2244622411087114244_o.
P1000632 10448581_756111611097858_8072670762216426386_o P1000905
. . .
10531397_753142571394762_6782525838994720643_o 10496190_756112661097753_7827403545760669298_o P1000911

02 June 2014: Hands on activity in the Pioneer Secondary School of KEF, Tunisia.

1 20 5
First prize Presntation of the OPTSC
Rainbow Glasses
2 8 6
Rainbow PeepHole Magic Stripes Optical modulator
9 3 7
Magic Patch Total internal reflection phenomenon
Group Photo

23 April 2014: OSA Optics suitcase Activity in the Pioneer Secondary School “Bourguiba” of Tunis, Tunisia.

20140423_161851 DSCN1880 DSCN1892
Group Photo With the professor of physics Mr Fathi Ferchiou Magic Stripes
DSCN1853 DSCN1859 DSCN1920
Rainbow PeepHole Rainbow Glasses Magic
20140423_152744 DSCN1899 DSCN1951
Spectrophotometer SpecUP Magic Patch Total internal reflection phenomenon

13 – 17 April 2014: Invitation of our vice president Amira BAILI and secretary Abir HRAGHI to attend the 3rd European Spie Student Chapter Leadership meeting and Photonics Europe 2014 conference which were held in SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, Brussels, Belgium.

 0  2  4
 8  7 10
 17  9  16


27 – 28 March 2014: Organization of the SpecUP spectrophotometer Workshop, Esprit, Tunisia.


The workshop was animated by professor Patricia Forbes (University of Pretoria, South Arica). It took place on March, 27th and 28th, 2014 at Esprit, Tunisia.

 CIMG5039  CIMG5184  CIMG5143
 CIMG5217  CIMG5149  CIMG5163
 CIMG5196  CIMG5199 CIMG5206

27 February – 02 March 2014: Organization of the First North Africain Workshop on OPTICS (NAW OPTICS), Hammamet, Tunisia.

group photo

This conference was organized by Gres’Com and CN&S Laboratories of Sup’Com, Sys’Com laboratory of ENIT, and Ser’Com laboralory of EPT in collaboration with the Optical Society of Tunisia. It took place at Hammamet, Tunis from 27 February to 02 March 2014.

 CIMG4002  CIMG4018 CIMG4161
 CIMG4176  CIMG4173  CIMG4281
 CIMG4206  CIMG4362  CIMG4361